Law and Business


NOTE: We currently have a 100% pass-rate for this exam!

There are two parts to the contractors license examination process for receiving your original contractors license.

ALL qualifying individuals must pass BOTH the standard Law and Business examination as well as a second test covering the specific Trade or Certification Area for which they are applying. 

The exception to this rule is the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification is not required to pass a trade exam.

All C-61 Specialty Contractors are only required to pass the Law &  Business Exam. 

Law and Business Practice Quiz: A 10 question exam to see where you stand.

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Course Materials

Each student enrolled in the Law and Business examination preparation course, receives the following study materials:

1) The Law and Business Manual:

  • Detailed analysis of all Eight sections of the (LAW) exam – TEXT

2) The Audio & Video Lectures:

  • Ch 1 License Law – CD/DVD
  • Ch 2 Mechanics Lien – CD/DVD
  • Ch 3 The Labor Code – CD/DVD
  • Ch 4 Business Management – CD/DVD
  • Law and Business Review Questions – CD/DVD

3) The Law & Business Practice Questions:

  • Five Simulated exams  – TEXT
  • Exam Update  – TEXT

4) Law & Business Online Practice Exams:
    Full online access for one full year!

  • Five Law & Business Simulated Exams

The Law and Business Exam: All CLC exam preparation programs utilize our combination of Instructional Textbooks with corresponding Audio and Video support materials and Online Practice Exams.

If you are not currently a licensed contractor then you are required to take and pass BOTH the TRADE EXAM and the LAW EXAM.

The Trade & The Law Exam

Our Law Manual, Audio and Video DVD’s and CD’s and Computerized Final Exams are designed to work seamlessly together and are key to helping you memorize our study materials and pass your State exam.

General Information: (LAW) Course Materials

Law and Business Manual – The manual is broken into four chapters, each with its own glossary of terms. It is written in layperson’s language and there are no complicated legal codes to decipher. The manual includes sample forms as well as summaries and checklists to help you gauge your readiness for the State Exam. Each chapter is also backed up with both video and audio lectures to further broaden your understanding and expose you to multiple methods of explanation designed to enhance memorization of our materials.

Audio/Video  Law and Business Lectures:  These narrated lectures go over each chapter of the Law and Business Manual as well as the Law and Business review questions at the back of the manual. All lectures are provided in both audio and video formats.

The Law and Business Practice Exams: The Law and Business pratice exams are a key component to our learning system. It is vital to learn the principles behind the exam questions in order to be thoroughly prepared for your exam since the State’s questions may be worded differently.

The Law and Business Computer-Assisted Practice Tests – Our exam simulation software program loads directly onto your computer and presents exam questions one at a time, automatically scores your exam, grades your exam, and lists every question answered incorrectly along with the correct answer.